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Spanish language courses in Cuba - Language & Music

Music Courses

Learning a language is not only about sitting in the classroom … it is about getting out there, finding out about the culture, exploring and getting to know the real Cuban experience. Our Language and Music course does exactly that as you will take language classes in the morning and then in the afternoons you will be left free to indulge and experience Cuban music.


Instruments taught are the guitar and percussion where you will learn the vibrant Cuban beat combining the different rhythms known as Mambo, Son, and Cha Cha which have all contributed to Salsa. Music lessons are always taught in the house of the host family or music teacher and the time will be agreed on when you arrive.


Please note that there might be a small fee for rental of music instruments. This is paid locally.


StudyTeam Tip!

Every month there is generally some kind of festival celebrating the culture and traditions of this island. In September there is also the Festival Internacional de Musica celebrating the most popular Cuban music and the great singer, Benny Mor.




Caroline Maas 2007-10-10
""I would like to thank StudyTeam Cuba for this unforgettable experience! Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place, it has the beauty of Trinidad and the power of Havana. Just enough of each to ma..."   read more
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